Our Rebranding: TargetCircle’s Mobile Division Is Now MetricWorks!

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March 11, 2020
User Acquisition Automation & LTV Prediction For UA Optimization

We are excited to announce that Target Circle’s mobile division has now been rebranded to MetricWorks!  There are a few reasons for our rebranding but the most important is to streamline our product portfolio to strengthen our focus on properly serving the mobile user acquisition market. The Target Circle brand will still continue to be used for our white label solution.

You’ll be happy to hear that our commitment to innovation and making it easy for mobile UA teams to leverage automation and AI still burns strong!  In fact, that was the inspiration for both our new company name (MetricWorks) and the new logo which reflect the merger of human teams and technology in order to realize a higher state of UA success. 

Our flagship product, UA Command Center, which is the leading UA automation and LTV prediction engine has been significantly enhanced with a number of sophisticated features such as automation rules, supply groups and optimization impact analysis. To learn more about these and other valuable features, please visit the MetricWorks’ product page.

To celebrate our rebranding we are also offering a limited time promotion. You can enjoy all of our leading platform features starting at only $250/month by signing up before May 1st, 2020.  Of course, you can also try the UA Command Center free for 30 days via our Free Trial. 

Contact us for a demo, questions or to learn how MetricWorks’ UA Command Center helps mitigate your ad spend risk while scaling your mobile UA. We look forward to helping you as MetricWorks!

Got questions for MetricWorks? We have answers.

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