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 As featured On VentureBeat:

Measurement Is Broken. Your Performance Is Taking A Hit.


It’s time for MMP 2.0 (Polaris) which offers far greater accuracy, privacy-safety
and measurement scope to boost your UA performance.


Same look and feel as your last touch MMP but delivers far superior performance.


You don’t even have to change your existing UA process!

MetricWorks is excited to offer you access to the Polaris Free Tier which includes:

  1. 1. Polaris’ incrementality metric for one app title on iOS or Android

  2. 2. One cohorted incrementality metric (eg. D7 Revenue) across all countries, channels, campaigns, sub-campaigns or creatives

  3. 3. One data refresh per week

  4. 4. Deepest granularity down to the campaign, sub-campaign or creative level

  5. 5. Email support


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"iOS14 led to blind spots in our performance measurement. MetricWorks Polaris allows us to make apples-to-apples measurement between iOS and Android across all channels, without using device IDs or heavy migrations. The combination of MetricWorks incrementality data alongside last touch data gives us a unique window into performance."

– Cole Carnes, Senior Growth Marketing Manager,

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