Automated LTV Prediction and Media Optimization

Automate ad network optimization using tailor-made algorithms and meticulously maintained integrations.

Automate Your User Acquisition Effortlessly On Ad Networks

Scaling your mobile UA beyond the walled gardens of Google and Facebook no longer requires risky overhead or years of internal expertise.

Automatically Seize New Opportunities

Our AI constantly explores potential optimization opportunities. Algorithmically test new traffic sources to maximize scale profitably.

Benefit From Our Data Science and Expertise

Utilize our data science team through the algorithms they have built. Harness decades of ad network expertise baked in to maximize the value of each media source.

Save Time By Automating Manual Tasks

Our platform can save you time through bid optimization similar to the value optimization tools offered by Google and Facebook plus customizable automation rules.

Trusted By Mobile App Leaders

Packed With Features Built For Mobile Gaming UA Teams Of Any Size Or Budget

Enjoy a 1,000% productivity gain just like Disruptor Beam and other mobile gaming clients no matter the size of your team.

Unified Event and Cost Analysis

Analyze both app event and cost data in a single dashboard. Pivot the table across a range of dimensions for interactive insights.

Accurate LTV Prediction

Forecasting and structural time series models combine to provide accurate LTV prediction.

ROAS Bid Optimization

Automate bids across tens of thousands of publisher apps across many ad networks based on your short or long term ROAS target.

Channel Integrations

Meticulously maintained integrations with media partners via API, web bot, or email enable true hands-off automation.

Informative Data Visualizations

Graphs and charts depict the impact of bid changes over time to performance and provide snapshots of performance against stated goals.

Automation Rules

Automate standard processes like pausing sources that don’t meet minimum retention criteria through a powerful rule system.

How Does It Work?


Share Your Data

Setup our simple MMP integrations to share at least 7 days of your existing historical data to seed our models initially and stream ongoing data to our servers to keep them updated.


Analyze, Optimize & Predict

UACC trains many types of machine learning models to predict LTV, evaluate new traffic sources, exploit opportunities, scale spend, and maintain your ROAS target.


Witness the Magic

Feel the triumph of a job well done as UACC updates bids and other campaign settings automatically. Optionally, review and analyze our optimizations to ensure accuracy.

“We established an aggressive plan for the Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) launch and the MetricWorks team demonstrated that they had our back. While their platform is intuitive, powerful and easy to use, they actually went the extra mile to shield us from potential pitfalls in strategy and execution.”

Jennifer Taran, Head of Growth, CODM,


Ready To Take Command Of Your UA?

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