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 Polaris Is MMP 2.0.
Looks Like A MMP
But Delivers Superior Performance

Measurement is broken. From SKAdNetwork to last touch MMPs (MMP 1.0), serious limitations and value gaps still persist today. Overcome those by adding our MMP 2.0 solution, Polaris, which is a turnkey, drop-in replacement for MMP 1.0. Polaris is future-proof and privacy safe, looks like a MMP and delivers superior performance.



Polaris relies only on daily aggregated data (app events + marketing data) that will never be restricted.



Polaris also measures offline spend including influencer and uncovers cross-channel interactions.


Polaris measures incrementality in terms of lift over paid advertising and organic demand.

Cutting Edge Algorithms

Our machine-learning models deliver 97% backtested prediction accuracy while they produce results that are at least 30% more accurate than last touch attribution in terms of incrementality. Plus, our models indicate an average 50% reduction in misattribution to self-attributing networks like Facebook and Google compared to last touch.

MetricWorks's top-down incrementality measurement algorithms provide accurate results without the need for your own large data science team.
Implementation of the MetricWorks top-down incrementality measurement solution is easy even for small, time-crunched teams.

Quick & Easy Onboarding

Our robust integrations with existing MMPs like Adjust and AppsFlyer allow us to shrink your onboarding effort to the sharing of a single API key. No migrations, SDKs, heavy lift or additional skills required. Get started in 24 hours.

Limited Post-IDFA Signals Require Data Science

Gone are the days when one can get away with not having a data science team and relying just on last touch measurement. Polaris clears this hurdle by combining multiple measurement methods into an easy-to-use MMP form factor that delivers superior performance faster, easier, and at much lower cost.

"iOS14 led to blind spots in our performance measurement. MetricWorks Polaris allows us to make apples-to-apples measurement between iOS and Android across all channels, without using device IDs or heavy migrations. The combination of MetricWorks incrementality data alongside last touch data gives us a unique window into performance."

– Cole Carnes, Senior Growth Marketing Manager,

Cole Carnes, Kabam

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