Polaris Gives You The Edge

Leave your competitors behind by adopting the measurement of the future.

Embrace the Change

Complement your last touch MMP with our incrementality MMP to complete your measurement stack. Polaris ensures your winning edge by overcoming the deficiencies of last touch (including SKAdNetwork).

Prevent Marketing Losses

Reduce your risk exposure by using our cutting edge algorithms that overcome the gaps, and hence the errors in last touch.

Last Touch vs Incrementality

View side-by-side comparisons of your last touch vs incrementality data. Understand the source of your true lift rather than settling for just one touch in the conversion path.

Low Effort

Polaris is designed to require little effort from you. No migrations, SDKs or coding needed. Our robust integrations with partners like MMPs, cost aggregators, and media channels, reduce the onboarding process to just the sharing of a few API keys with us.

"Due to the ease of use, rapid setup and regular 24 hour refresh of our key incrementality KPIs, we believe that MetricWorks Polaris is an essential part of our measurement infrastructure that continues to yield valuable insights across our ad channels."

– Chris Kim, Director, Performance Marketing,

Chris Kim, Mobilityware

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