Incrementality & Truth In UA

iOS14 has certainly provided us an opportunity to re-examine last touch and how well it delivers truth in user acquisition.   The cold, hard truth is that last touch doesn’t deliver truth and it is an entrenched approach to which mobile marketers have become addicted.  Big thanks to Gamesforum’s John Speakman for exploring this topic with MetricWorks CEO, Brian Krebs.   Visit Gamesforum Online to view this recording as well as webinars on other relevant topics.

Credit: MobileDevMemo's UA Automation Level 3 by Eric Seufert

In this webinar, we challenge the general perceptions of marketing effectiveness under last touch including its bias to SANs (self-attributing networks) and high engagement ad formats.  As Brian points out, at the macro level, there has been a significant growth in the number of ad channels for marketing spend.  With that, there has also been a greater overlap in audiences across these channels.  Consequently, marketers are often paying twice to reach the same subset of eyeballs. Now that IDFA will be deprecating soon, it is time to adopt a new form of measurement, namely, incrementality to understand the true value of your media spend. The take-away is that iOS14 can actually be the driver to pursue a new opportunity in the form of measurement that is grounded in data science and most importantly, in truth.

Submit your questions below. You can also request a demo to learn more about MetricWorks incremental measurement solution that is a ready-to-use, turnkey, drop-in replacement for last touch. It involves no change to your marketing or UA processes.  We look forward to helping you ensure that your marketing is truly effective in the post-IDFA era.


The MetricWorks Team

The Shift From Single Truth To Several Signals Post-IDFA

With the deprecation of IDFA, there will be a shift from a single truth to several signals. We explore this topic in our Conversations With UA Leaders series with Anthony Cross, former VP of UA, Data Science and Product Management at Big Fish Games.  Thank you again Anthony for sharing your keen observations and analysis with us.  Today, we still live comfortably in a world with a single truth, namely, last touch (deterministic, IDFA-matching-based attribution). However, post-IDFA, we will see several signals including SKAdNetwork.  Should you implement SKAdNetwork?  Will there be other signals layered on top of that?  Watch the video below for Anthony’s suggestions and let us know your thoughts:

Our measurement solution is built for operating in the uncertain post-IDFA era that you will face.  Here are the key benefits for marketers:

  1. Free – We invite you to test drive our accurate, cutting edge algorithms with your data for free. The observed mean accuracy of our algorithms is 97%.
  2. Future-proof – It is privacy-centric due to its reliance only on daily aggregated data. No device-level data is required. Our necessary data inputs will never be restricted.
  3. Comprehensive – Our solution measures all marketing including traditionally non-attributable spend like influencer and TV.  It also unveils interactions between multiple media sources.
  4. Incremental – This is the cherry on top since our solution is focused on incrementality in terms of uplift over other marketing activity and organic demand. It avoids the problems inherent in last touch attribution that gravely misalign measurement and true value.

What should you do today to prepare for IDFA deprecation:

  1. Test SKAdNetwork early.
  2. Register for a test drive to test our incremental measurement solution for free while you still have precious time prior to IDFA deprecation.
  3. Compare your results from parallel testing multiple measurement solutions and develop your strategy for utilizing those multiple signals.
  4. Do you want to start building your long term measurement strategy after the lights are already out and the risk to your business is critical? Of course not. Prepare for IDFA deprecation now so you are thriving while your competition is floundering. We can help you do that.

We look forward to your questions and to making the future of your measurement brighter!