MMP 2.0 Is Here And You Can Start For Free

Thank you VentureBeat and Dean Takahashi for covering our launch of MMP 2.0 (Polaris) and how it closes the three value gaps (poor accuracy, lack of privacy-safety, and limited measurement scope) in last touch MMPs (MMP 1.0) to deliver superior performance.

We are excited to launch this latest innovation in measurement which our CEO, Brian Krebs describes as “fulfilling our mission to help marketers demand more from their data”.

Additionally, in order to make Polaris more accessible to marketers, we are now offering the Polaris Free Tier so that you can start using MMP 2.0 for free! Sign up today. To learn more, submit a demo request or visit our Polaris product page.

How MMP 2.0 Drives The Mobile Business


Reliable measurement is at the heart of decision making for the mobile business. As you can see from the diagram above, MMP 2.0 leverages multiple measurement methods (including geo lift testing and MMM), blending them to produce an output (single source of truth) that drives the business processes and delivers superior performance.  Our team has worked tirelessly to continue innovating so that we can deliver a solution that:

1. Looks like a MMP so that it is easy to use

2. Fits into your existing UA process to avoid any disruptions or productivity problems

3. Merges the strengths of multiple measurement methods to deliver far superior accuracy than individual methods and MMP 1.0

4. Offers sophisticated algorithms that removes the guesswork and signal conflict by outputting a single source of truth the plugs into your existing business processes

We hope you like Polaris and find it valuable in your quest to achieve higher performance while preserving your budget. 


The MetricWorks Team 

The Future Of Mobile UA Is Here!

Yes, the future of UA is here! We are MetricWorks and our mission is make it easy for mobile UA (user acquisition) teams to leverage automation and AI in order to realize their full potential.  The fruit of our labor arrives in the form of the UA Command Center, the leading mobile UA automation and LTV prediction engine.  This engine enables you to easily and simply scale your UA profitably across ALL ad networks, DSPs and Affiliates.

UA Command Center has been proven in the field across a number of types of mobile apps and is trusted by leaders such as Disruptor Beam, Trivago, GameInsight and Rogue Games.  For Disruptor Beam, we boosted their ROAS by 145% and their UA team’s productivity by 1000%.

To accelerate our mission and celebrate the field success that we are so grateful for, we are offering a special promotion: for only $250/month, you can start enjoying the powerful benefits of the UA Command Center today.  Sign up before May 1st, 2020 to take advantage of this offer and to take command of your UA!

Contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to helping you boost your success.