State Of Measurement In A Privacy-First World

The Measurement Crisis
March 26, 2024

Since we are seeing severe impacts around privacy and the ability to measure, we decided to put together a five-part series, together with our friends at GameMakers, to help advertisers really understand the measurement crisis, and explore the different tools and measurement signals available.

GameMaker’s 5-Part Series On The Measurement Crisis

Within a 5-part series, the GameMaker’s podcast with MetricWorks examines effective strategies to address the challenges of measurement in a privacy-first world. The following topics will be discussed:

  • an overview of the measurement crisis
  • the real state of last touch examining the value it provides marketers
  • implementation and use of incrementality testing in a privacy-first world
  • an in-depth analysis of MTA 2.0
  • and data clean room tools that will impact last-touch attribution models
  • a guided roadmap to help advertisers implement proper action measurement success


How MetricWorks Can Help You Overcome The Measurement Crisis

To overcome the measurement crisis, MetricWorks offers a unified measurement platform that is incrementality-based and privacy-safe. No need for device IDs to generate superior performance. Get ahead of the competition today by booking a MetricWorks demo. Empower your marketing team and boost your ROAS with MetricWorks.

Thank you to our friends at GameMakers (including Joseph Kim), Warren Woodward, Andrew Covato and John Wright for producing this valuable content.  We hope that you also found this valuable and invite you to connect with us about any questions you may have.


The MetricWorks Team

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