MetricWorks Forms Strategic Partnership With UNICORN In Japan

May 1, 2024

MetricWorks enters into strategic partnership and establishes joint venture with UNICORN to provide unified measurement in Japan

In recent years, as ad technology has evolved and advertising contact points have become more complex, it has become difficult to accurately analyze and understand advertising effectiveness. In particular, when evaluating the results of last-touch measurement using view-through conversions, the accuracy and standards for each medium are ambiguous, there is a lack of consideration for user privacy, and it is difficult to make an integrated evaluation that includes offline advertising. It is believed that there are many issues.

POLARIS, developed by MetricWorks, is a completely new mobile measurement platform that combines last-touch measurement, marketing mix modeling (MMM)*, and verification functions. In addition to not requiring user data such as device IDs, POLARIS enables more accurate performance evaluation than existing evaluation methods, and multiple companies, mainly in Europe and the United States, are currently implementing POLARIS.

“POLARIS” can visualize advertising effectiveness using the same KPI as traditional last-touch measurement in apps, and is also equipped with highly real-time evaluation measurement technology and unique verification functions that increase measurement accuracy, allowing advertising evaluation. While maintaining accuracy, it is possible to perform more essential evaluation analysis, maximizing the effectiveness of marketing and promotions. Additionally, “POLARIS” is the industry’s first platform that can visualize MMM evaluation through daily cohort analysis, facilitating prompt decision-making and operations.

UNICORN has been using POLARIS for some time, but has now entered into a strategic partnership with MetricWorks in order to accelerate efforts to support advertising evaluation in marketing and perform essential advertising evaluation from an advertiser’s perspective. We have established a joint venture company, MetricWorks Japan.

Going forward, we will further strengthen these efforts and contribute to the revitalization of domestic and international promotion and marketing businesses.

UNICORN reduces the time advertisers and advertising agencies spend on “detailed human operations and numerical analysis,” which has traditionally been done, and creates an environment in which they can concentrate on “work that only humans can do.” We will continue to develop services with the mission of further expanding sales of our products and services.

The Adways Group will respond flexibly to market needs, strive to further expand its services, and realize the development of efficient and practical advertising and marketing services in countries around the world.  

MetricWorks Japan Co., Ltd. can be reached at:

*MMM (Marketing Mix Modeling) is a method for quantitatively analyzing the extent to which marketing measures have had an impact.



Japan’s largest fully automated marketing platform for mobile apps with over 1.5 trillion impressions of monthly purchaseable traffic. We predict the value of impressions in real time during RTB transactions with SSPs and automatically bid at the optimal price for each campaign developed on UNICORN.

About MetricWorks Inc.

Developed the industry’s first and only daily cohort MMM tool “POLARIS”. POLARIS provides mobile marketing and has a track record of increasing clients’ ROAS by an average of 36%. We partner with global companies such as Meta, Google, TikTok, Mobilityware, and Kabam.

About UNICORN Co., Ltd.

Established in 2013 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Adways with the mission of developing new services in the ad tech field. We will develop new services that lead the times with free ideas that are not bound by existing services or stakeholders.

About Adways Co., Ltd.

Established in 2001. Listed on TSE Mothers in 2006 and on the TSE First Section in 2020. Moved to the TSE Prime Market in 2022. Including agency business that supports comprehensive marketing of apps and web, Japan’s largest affiliate services “JANet” and “Smart-C”, smartphone ad distribution service “AppDriver”, fully automated marketing platform “UNICORN”, etc. Develops ad platform business. In addition, we are involved in a variety of businesses such as planning, developing, and operating apps and content. We are also expanding overseas to countries around the world, mainly in Asia, including Japan.

The full press release in Japanese can be found here:

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