Introducing Polaris: your true north measurement for the post-IDFA storm

Today represents a major milestone in our mission to make the lives of marketers much easier.  Following an extensive and highly successful beta program, we are proud to announce that our incremental measurement solution, Polaris, is now live.  Thank you to our clients, partners, advisors and our dedicated team who made this possible.  Polaris is the perfect measurement solution for the post-IDFA storm as it does NOT need IDFA or GAID.  Just like the star after which it is named, Polaris will serve as the true north for marketers when the lights go out soon with iOS14.5. Polaris will allow gaming studios to utilize incrementality to deliver daily measurement, all at the same granularity that you have always relied upon to make informed marketing decisions.  To learn more, submit a demo request or visit our Polaris product page.

Not only does Polaris help resolve your post-IDFA challenges, it is designed to help you achieve true marketing effectiveness. Contact us today to hear:

  • How Polaris is a ready-to-use, turnkey, drop-in replacement for last touch
  • How Polaris involves zero change to your marketing or UA processes
  • How you can take advantage of special Polaris subscription deals to get you started quickly even before IDFA deprecates

Reliable measurement is the cornerstone of decision making and our team has worked tirelessly to deliver a solution that will future-proof your UA (without needing IDFA or GAID), and provide true incremental measurement that allows you to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your budget. In case you missed it earlier, here’s a link to our What Is Incrementality? deck.

We have also put together amazing subscription deals that allow you to commence with incremental measurement even before IDFA finally deprecates. Rather than waiting for the inevitable chaos, Polaris will allow you to seamlessly transition from the outdated systems of today into the new world of measurement truth and accuracy from Day One of the post-IDFA storm.

Submit a demo request to hear about the powerful features of Polaris including that it does NOT need IDFA or GAID and can still provide you the following favorite KPIs, DAILY, in incremental form at the source by country level:

  1. Revenue
  2. Installs
  3. ROAS
  4. LTV
  5. Retention
  6. Any other KPI we have data for that matters to your team.

The world is quickly approaching a watershed moment. Do you have the right measurement for the post-IDFA storm?  


CEO of MetricWorks



Work as if the date [for iOS14] is tomorrow.

This was one of the key take-aways from an informative webinar hosted today by Tinuiti, with guests from Liftoff and AppsFlyer.  As Liz Emery, Snr. Director of Mobile Strategy at Tinuiti put it, “We work as if the date [for iOS14] is tomorrow”.  The urgency cannot be stressed any more than this. If you don’t yet have a plan for post-IDFA measurement, then start immediately.  Stop looking for loopholes.  If you’ve not heeded the earlier warnings during 2020 from leading analysts such as John Koetsier when he said, “The IDFA is going the way of the Dodo bird.” then do it now before it is too late.  If you are not yet aware of the severe limitations of SKAdNetwork then contact us below to schedule a conversation.

Credit: Tinuiti Webinars: How IDFA Changes Will Impact All Marketers

Devices will be going dark in terms of tracking from Day 1 of IDFA deprecation. The immediate areas that will be impacted include retargeting, death of measurement in its current form, and the severely hampered SKAdNetwork becoming the de facto standard. In terms of marketing, the lights will go out! 

As Alex Dohrmann (Snr. Sales Engineer, Liftoff) reminded us, “Now is the time to get your data in place.”. MetricWorks can help you do that to keep the lights on with the ONLY future-proof measurement solution that is rich, accurate, granular and incremental. We’ll even let you test drive it for FREE

Here are a few things you should start doing today and how MetricWorks can help:

  1. If you haven’t yet, test SKAdNetwork now.
  2. Test drive our incremental measurement solution for FREE while you still have precious time before IDFA deprecation.
  3. Compare your results from parallel testing our incremental measurement solution AND SKAdNetwork to develop your post-IDFA measurement strategy.
  4. Then, look to the future and ask yourself: Do you really want to start building your long term measurement strategy after the lights have already gone out and the risk to your business is critical? Of course not. Prepare for IDFA deprecation now so that you are thriving while your competition is floundering. We can definitely help you do that.

Submit your questions below.  We look forward to answering them and making the future of your measurement brighter!

Only 33% Of Marketers Likely To Adopt SKAdNetwork. What Should You Do?

That is according to a survey (Apple, IDFA and iOS14: New Challenges, New Opportunities for Marketers) recently conducted by AppsFlyer and MMA Global. The low confidence in SKAdNetwork is primarily due to its lack of measurement granularity. Of course, this isn’t a surprise to us, as we have described in our earlier posts.  The other key findings were:

  • 74% of respondents agree that publishers will suffer revenue losses
  • 63% of marketers will invest in probabilistic modeling to prepare for post-IDFA
  • Audience targeting/remarketing will take the biggest hit (as shown in the chart below)
Retention Masterclass By John Koetsier & Peggy Salz

Now, what should YOU do?

Firstly, measurement granularity is a major gap within SKAdNetwork and we’re glad to hear that marketers are now acutely aware of this limitation. If you are one of those marketers that are somewhat-to-very-likely to adopt SKAdNetwork, we believe that SKAdNetwork is a good starting point but make sure that you clearly understand its glaring gaps:

  1. SKAdNetwork will leave marketers with only 100 campaign IDs of granularity
  2. It does NOT offer a way to cohort KPIs by install date
  3. Critical post-install performance KPIs that are foundational to your mobile growth strategy today like retention, revenue, LTV, and ROAS, will disappear and be replaced by a single conversion value with its own significant limitations.

Secondly, as you can see from the survey there is a lot at stake (74% agree that publishers will suffer revenue losses). Time is running out and the competition is breathing down your neck. Why not make sure your post-IDFA measurement plan is foolproof? You can do that by adding our top-down incrementality measurement solution which can co-exist with SKAdNetwork, and offers a comprehensive, granular and accurate alternative that addresses the above glaring issues with SKAdNetwork. Remember, there is a lot at stake. Contact us today to discuss and close any gaps in your IDFA preparedness.

Thirdly, the focus on probabilistic modeling appears to be short-sighted as Apple has already stated in their current terms that “fingerprinting” will not be allowed. More explicitly, in the FAQ section of that document, Apple has the following question and answer:

Can I fingerprint or use signals from the device to try to identify the device or a user?
No. Per the Developer Program License Agreement, you may not derive data from a device for the purpose of uniquely identifying it.

Instead of focusing on “fingerprinting” or probabilistic modeling, apply your precious cycles to quickly testing our top-down incremental approach which is the ONLY future-proof measurement solution available today. It requires really low effort on your part and we invite you to test drive it for FREE

Please submit your questions below.  We look forward to answering them and making the future of your measurement brighter!

Break Free Of The Duopoly (Facebook & Google)!

User Acquisition Automation & LTV Prediction For UA Optimization

Our partner, AppsFlyer recently released their latest performance index. Please check it out if you haven’t already.  As always, the index is packed with interesting insights but the one that caught our attention and should certainly catch yours is what many have said already that digging deeper into the index reveals stories of networks surging up the rankings and presenting opportunities for marketers to diversify their mix and break away from the duopoly.

 This ties directly to our core mission, namely, to enable you to profitably scale your UA beyond Facebook and Google.  Our solution, the UA Command Center is the leading UA automation and LTV prediction engine and can enable you to diversify your ad channel mix rather than be limited to the costly duopoly of Facebook & Google.

 With UA Command Center, diversifying your mix is easy, automated, accurate, cost-effective, highly productive and profitable.  No more wasted manual effort, high fixed costs, expensive and error-prone experimentation. Just one platform to automate and scale your UA across all ad networks, DSPs and Affiliates.  Everything is automated and driven by AI including our real-time monitoring to ensure that we got you covered even while you catch up on your beauty sleep!