5 Valuable Benefits You Need To Scale UA Across All Ad Channels

March 10, 2020
User Acquisition Automation & LTV Prediction For UA Optimization


Scaling UA across multiple ad channels is challenging!  However, fortunately for you, our mission is to make it easy for UA teams to leverage automation and AI to overcome their scaling challenges.  To accomplish this, we built a feature-rich platform, the UA Command Center, that has been field-tested and proven in delivering these five valuable benefits across ALL ad channels in ONE dashboard:

  1. Mitigate Ad Spend Risk
  2. Boost Your Profit Margin & ROAS
  3. Automate Manual Tasks To Save Time
  4. Always-On AI Monitoring & Optimization
  5. Real-Time Source-Level LTV Prediction

To learn more about each of these platform benefits and the features that make UA Command Center the leading UA automation and LTV prediction engine, please visit our Home and Product pages. However, just to give you a peek into this value, let us look at number 1, Mitigate Ad Spend Risk.  Any UA Manager who is manually managing multiple ad channels will concede that the manual approach is fraught with serious planning and execution risks.  Just with the sheer number of tasks that one has to plan and execute each day, one is bound to miss a step here or forget to coordinate a bid execution there.  These low-value manual tasks are screaming for automation not just because automation takes these tasks off your crowded plate to save you precious time, but more importantly, automation reduces the risk associated with your manual UA operations since it is always accurate, timely, reliable and transparent while still keeping you in full control. 

You can enjoy all five of the above benefits starting at only $250/month by signing up for our promotion before April 1st, 2020.  You can also try the UA Command Center free for 30 days via our Free Trial. 

Contact us for a demo, questions or to learn how the UA Command Center helps mitigate your ad spend risk. We look forward to hearing from you!

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