Rapid Change In UA Presents New Opportunities for Scaling Via Automation

May 8, 2020
User Acquisition Automation & LTV Prediction For UA Optimization

Thanks Joe Kim for posting the great article about the death of performance marketing.  We certainly agree that things are changing rapidly in performance marketing/user acquisition but think that it is far from dead. It is actually going through a metamorphosis.

For one, we believe that LTV prediction engines wrapped in automation will save performance UA as real performance and scale are VERY realizable across leading ad channels such as  ironSource, Unity Technologies, AppLovin, Vungle and all of the other major SDK networks. When Facebook and Google shift to the new setup (described in Joe’s article), the ability to perform will require any UA team to shift their skill sets to become experts at wielding sophisticated SaaS automation technology like MetricWorks UA Command Center. 

Secondly, with a UA automation platform and LTV prediction engine that works seamlessly across all networks, one will be able to quickly and easily predict where the most profitable AND scalable venue is to spend one’s money. Currently, UA teams waste significant amounts of time accomplishing these tasks manually with large error margins.  Herein lies a further opportunity to save valuable time, reduce the probability of costly errors and to be agile by responding in real-time to data feeds from the variety of mobile ad channels.  This capability becomes even more crucial when teams have shrunk in response to the market changes described in Joe’s article. Once again, it is the skills shift that will be important in order for UA teams to take advantage of these new tools to take their game to the next level.

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