Free Recorded Webinar: UA Automation In Mobile Games

June 15, 2020

You have probably seen a lot of buzz lately about automation in mobile user acquisition.   So we teamed up with Gamesforum to explore this topic deeper with some of the best mobile gaming UA leaders from top companies like EA (Electronic Arts), Luna Labs and Hyper Digital Partners.  Sign up below to watch the recording of this free webinar from June 9th, 2020.  

Credit: MobileDevMemo's UA Automation Level 3 by Eric Seufert

In the recording, you’ll hear these leaders (John Wright of Luna Labs, Daniel Lopez of EA and David Jumper of HyperDP) share their insights about UA automation in mobile gaming.  Our very own CEO, Brian Krebs also shares his perspective (as a technical co-founder who has been innovating for over six years) on how automation and AI can be leveraged for successful mobile user acquisition, especially in mobile games.

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