SKAdNetwork Is Not Enough. Test It In Parallel With A Future-Proof Alternative.

October 14, 2020

Yes, we all know that SKAdNetwork is not enough for successful measurement. Across our numerous conversations with clients, there is widespread agreement that this is unfortunately true.  With precious time running out before IDFA deprecation, what should you do?

Well, firstly, you should test SKAdNetwork early to be well-versed in its limitations. Secondly, you should also test alternatives that could supplement or replace SKAdNetwork.  Thirdly, test in parallel SKAdNetwork and a richer alternative to save you time and shrink your measurement risk. More importantly, you can arrive at an objective and meaningful comparison between SKAdNetwork and the alternative solution using your same dataset and window of time.

Now moving to the potential alternatives. Our top-down incremental measurement solution has been derived from months of anticipation, research, planning, design and testing and is worth evaluating for a number of reasons, namely, it is free, future-proof, comprehensive and incremental. Let’s take a peek:

1. Free – we invite you to test our accurate, cutting edge algorithms with your data for free.  Observed mean accuracy of our algorithms is 97%.

2. Future-proof – it is privacy-centric due to its reliance only on daily aggregated data. No device-level data is required. Our necessary data inputs will never be restricted.

3. Comprehensive – measures all marketing including traditionally non-attributable spend like influencer and TV.  Unveils interactions between multiple channels.

4. Incremental – this is the cherry on top since our solution is focused on incrementality in terms of uplift over existing marketing and organic demand. Avoids the problems of last-touch attribution that misalign measurement and advertiser value.

To recap:

  1. Test SKAdNetwork early.
  2. Test in parallel SKAdNetwork and our incremental measurement solution while you still have precious time.
  3. Compare your results from parallel testing multiple solutions in real-time.
  4. Then look to the future. Do you want to revisit this problem in the future?  Of course not. You want to solve this IDFA deprecation issue once and for all. We can help you do that.

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