After The Apocalypse: Mobile Measurement After IDFA (And GAID?) With Brian Krebs (By John Koetsier & Peggy Anne Salz)

Europe's Impending Crackdown On Measurement
October 21, 2020

Thanks to Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier for hosting our CEO, Brian Krebs on their Retention Masterclass show last week. As always, it was a fantastic episode by the pioneering duo who have certainly established a high bar for live streaming over LinkedIn. This episode (recording below) focused on IDFA deprecation and the impact on mobile measurement or as John put it, “The IDFA is going the way of the Dodo bird.”  and as Peggy reminds us, “Marketing measurement is fundamentally changing.”.  What does this mean for marketing optimization, cohorts, LTV calculation and the metrics that marketers have been using for many years? Does that mean the end of mobile marketing measurement?

Retention Masterclass By John Koetsier & Peggy Salz

Not according to Brian Krebs, CEO of MetricWorks who has spent more than a decade building mobile marketing and measurement solutions.  He is as Peggy says, “on a mission to measure”.  Brian talks about devices going dark in terms of tracking from Day 1 of IDFA deprecation. The immediate impacts that Brian lists include retargeting, death of measurement in its current form, and the severely hampered SKAdNetwork becoming the de facto standard. In terms of marketing, the lights will go out!  However, Brian also bears good news – MetricWorks can help you keep the lights on with the ONLY future-proof measurement solution that is rich, accurate, granular and incremental. We’re so confident in our solution that we’ll let you test drive it for FREE.  You can watch the full video below (courtesy of the Retention Masterclass).

For the pragmatists out there who have watched the video, here are a few things you should do and how MetricWorks can help:

  1. If you haven’t yet, test SKAdNetwork now.
  2. Test drive our incremental measurement solution for FREE while you still have precious time before IDFA deprecation.
  3. Compare your results from parallel testing our incremental measurement solution AND SKAdNetwork to develop your post-IDFA measurement strategy.
  4. Then, look to the future and ask yourself: Do you really want to start building your long term measurement strategy after the lights have already gone out and the risk to your business is critical? Of course not. Prepare for IDFA deprecation now so that you are thriving while your competition is floundering. We can definitely help you do that.

Submit your questions below.  We look forward to answering them and making the future of your measurement brighter!

Got questions for MetricWorks? We have answers.

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