Post-IDFA Incrementality With Brian Krebs & Upptic

April 16, 2021

We’re excited to share the latest Upptic podcast with our CEO, Brian Krebs as their guest.  Brian discusses “Incrementality in the Post-IDFA Era” with Xander Agosta and Warren Woodward. Thanks Upptic for inviting Brian and addressing this important topic!  Visit the Upptic blog to hear the full podcast as well as other podcasts on relevant mobile marketing topics. In this podcast, you will learn:

  • What is incrementality and how it overcomes the limitations of last touch?
  • How does our incrementality measurement solution, Polaris help a growth/marketing team realize true marketing effectiveness?
  • What level of granularity can be enjoyed via incrementality?

Podcast Summary:
We go on deep dive into incrementality in the mobile marketing context and how it can be used as an alternative or to supplement traditional last-touch attribution. We also discuss how it is more reliable, but less certain then last-touch attribution and how the MetricWorks’ product, Polaris, offers a top-down measurement alternative for the post-IDFA era. Also, Epic Games is making epic bets on the metaverse, and is hypercasual gaming in decline?  You can find the full Upptic podcast here. 

Now that IDFA will be deprecating really soon, it is time to adopt a new form of measurement, namely, incrementality to understand the true value of your media spend. The take-away is that iOS14 can actually be the driver to pursue a new opportunity in the form of measurement that is grounded in data science and most importantly, in truth.

Submit your questions below. You can also request a demo to learn more about MetricWorks incremental measurement solution, Polaris that is a ready-to-use, turnkey, drop-in replacement for last touch. It involves no change to your marketing or UA processes.  We look forward to helping you ensure that your marketing is truly effective in the post-IDFA era.


The MetricWorks Team

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