SKAdNetwork Is Not Enough. Add Polaris Incrementality Measurement.

Europe's Impending Crackdown On Measurement
May 18, 2021

By now, you should have realized that SKAdNetwork is not enough for true marketing effectiveness!  There is a clear gaping hole in your measurement apparatus.  You’ve already invested a great deal of resources in SKAdNetwork with little to show in returns.  So what should you do now?

The first thing we should clarify is that SKAdNetwork is a very limited remnant of last touch and last touch does not allow you to realize true marketing visibility and effectiveness.  In order to surmount this challenge, you will need to adopt incremental measurement and here’s why:

  1. Incremental measurement is fully compliant with Apple’s privacy policy because it doesn’t depend on device IDs (IDFA or GAID).
  2. Our incremental measurement solution, Polaris does NOT require any changes to your marketing processes.
  3. Polaris provides you the very same KPIs that you have grown to cherish.
  4. Polaris uses the same app events and marketing data that you used before IDFA deprecation.

    We all know that change is difficult but fear not because we have built Polaris to be quick and easy for you to adopt. So easy in fact, that it is a turnkey drop-in replacement for last touch.  After having helped many leading mobile gaming companies, we know that we can get you started with incremental measurement in 24 hours.

    We, at MetricWorks, are here for you. If you are trying to close the gaps in your post-IDFA measurement apparatus, we are offering a chance to run a POC to compare incremental measurement to last touch.  You will be astounded at how much better incremental measurement performs.  Contact us today to get started.

To learn more, submit a demo request or visit our Polaris product page.

Not only does Polaris help resolve your post-IDFA challenges, it is designed to help you achieve true marketing effectiveness. Contact us today to hear:

  • How Polaris is a ready-to-use, turnkey, drop-in replacement for last touch
  • How Polaris involves zero change to your marketing or UA processes
  • How you can take advantage of special Polaris subscription deals to get you started quickly even before IDFA deprecates

Submit a demo request to hear about the powerful features of Polaris including that it does NOT need IDFA or GAID and can still provide you the following favorite KPIs, DAILY, in incremental form at the source by country level:

  1. Revenue
  2. Installs
  3. ROAS
  4. LTV
  5. Retention
  6. Any other KPI we have data for that matters to your team.

We’re here for you to ensure that you have the right measurement apparatus for the post-IDFA era.  We look forward to helping you.

The MetricWorks Team



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