Why do you need an incrementality MMP?

June 23, 2021

By now, you would have certainly encountered the deficiencies and frustration of last touch, and SKAdNetwork in particular.  While the scars from those encounters make for great conversation starters, they are also important reminders that it is time to embrace change and re-examine your idea of the ideal measurement stack.

You see, as marketers, for the longest time, we’ve become too comfortable with the simplicity and convenience of last touch.  In an attempt to cling to that comfort, we’ve even accepted a very impaired remnant of last touch, SKAdNetwork and the ecosystem that supports it.  In doing so, we have forsaken any attempt at realizing true marketing visibility and effectiveness.  As a reminder, and please don’t flinch, here are the glaring issues with SKAdNetwork:  

  1. SKAdNetwork leaves marketers with only 100 campaign IDs of granularity.
  2. It does NOT offer a way to cohort KPIs by install date.
  3. Critical post-install performance KPIs that are foundational to your mobile growth strategy (like retention, revenue, LTV, and ROAS) have disappeared and have been replaced by a single conversion value with its own significant limitations.

Now, fortunately in order to just survive and function in a “SKAdNetwork world”, you have last touch MMPs that try to piece the fragments of this last touch signal together.  While keeping your last touch MMP makes sense, it still does NOT address the glaring gap that decimates your marketing strategy.  That is where an incrementality MMP comes in due to the following reasons:

  1. An incrementality MMP is fully compliant with Apple’s privacy policy because it doesn’t depend on device IDs (IDFA or GAID).
  2. Does NOT require any changes to your marketing processes, KPIs or methods of use.
  3. Provides you the very same KPIs (cohorted by install date) that you have grown to cherish.
  4. The data that Polaris needs will always be around and doesn’t require any form of attribution.
  5. Can provide side-by-side comparisons of last touch vs incrementality data.


    Which is why we built Polaris, a privacy-centric incrementality MMP that does NOT need IDFAs or GAIDs.  It offers the “MMP experience”, but built for incrementality, in order to overcome the deficiencies of last touch MMPs.  More info about Polaris can be found here.

    We know that change is difficult, but fear not, because we have built Polaris to be quick and easy for you to adopt. So easy in fact, that it is a turnkey drop-in replacement for last touch. No migrations, no extra SDKs, and no heavy implementation lift. Polaris even integrates directly with your last touch MMP to get the data it needs.  

    After having helped many leading mobile gaming companies, we are confident that we can get you started with Polaris in 24 hours. We are here for you. If you are trying to close the gaps in your measurement stack, we are offering a chance to run a POC to compare incrementality measurement to last touch.  You will be astounded at how much better Polaris performs.  Contact us today to get started.

Submit a demo request to hear about the powerful features of Polaris incrementality MMP.  We look forward to helping you.

The MetricWorks Team

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