Video: How To Apply MMM To Mobile Apps

September 21, 2021

While there seems to be considerable confusion out there about MMM (Media Mix Modelling), it is actually very relevant and applicable to mobile app marketing.  To hear more about how to apply MMM to mobile apps, and why MMM can be more easily applied to mobile apps than to CPG companies watch this conversation between Shamanth M. Rao and Brian Krebs (CEO of MetricWorks). Full video recording available below.

Thanks again to Shamanth Rao (CEO of Rocketship HQ) for hosting MetricWorks’ CEO, Brian Krebs on The Mobile User Acquisition Show.  This is an informative episode that explains why Last Touch/SKAdNetwork is NOT enough for successful post-IDFA measurement, how MetricWorks has seen first-hand the success of media mix modelling for mobile apps, especially at levels of scale far smaller than that of most CPG brands, in which space these models have traditionally been used.  In this episode, Brian describes some of the ways in which these models are specifically applicable to mobile marketing campaigns and argues that these measurement tools are not only useful post-IDFA, but also provide distinct advantages over other measurement tools used by mobile marketers. 

MetricWorks’ own measurement solution, Polaris also makes it easy for you to enjoy these distinct advantages.   It requires really low effort on your part and we can get you started in 24 hours. No need for device IDs, migrations, extra SDKs, or heavy implementation lift. Keep your existing KPIs and marketing processes. Polaris can even do a side-by-side comparison of your incrementality data versus your last touch data. It integrates directly with your last touch MMP to pull the necessary data into a single repository along with your incrementality data. Email us today for a demo

Measurement granularity is a major gap within SKAdNetwork and we’re glad to see The Mobile User Acquisition Show draw attention to this major issue. Our incrementality MMP, Polaris which can co-exist with SKAdNetwork, offers a comprehensive, granular and accurate alternative that addresses the following glaring issues with SKAdNetwork:

  1. SKAdNetwork leaves marketers with only 100 campaign IDs of granularity
  2. It does NOT offer a way to cohort KPIs by install date
  3. Critical post-install performance KPIs that are foundational to your mobile growth strategy today like retention, revenue, LTV, and ROAS, have disappeared and been replaced by a single conversion value with its own significant limitations.

Does your measurement plan address the above gaps?  Contact us today to discuss how our measurement solution, Polaris can boost the effectiveness of your marketing and help you stay ahead of your competition.

You can also listen to the full podcast on iTunes or view the episode notes at The Mobile User Acquisition Show.  Please submit your questions below.  We look forward to answering them and making the future of your measurement brighter!

Got questions for MetricWorks? We have answers.

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