T-6 days from iOS14.5

April 21, 2021

Apple finally dropped a hint about iOS14.5 yesterday as part of a group of product announcements.  If Apple’s fine print for AirTag is to be trusted, then we are less than six days away from the post-IDFA era.  If you haven’t yet, do read GamesBeat’s latest article by Dean Takahashi.  Dean does a great job of capturing the range of reactions across the mobile gaming industry to Apple’s announcement.   Thank you Dean for including MetricWorks and our CEO, Brian Krebs in your article.  MetricWorks is primed and ready for the post-IDFA storm.  Our incremental measurement solution, Polaris which launched last month, has been rigorously tested, enhanced and tested even further through an extensive and highly successful beta program, as well as a series of comprehensive pilots with mobile gaming leaders.  Submit a demo request today to see how Polaris is the perfect complement to your SKAdNetwork implementation to realize true marketing effectiveness.


Polaris is the best privacy-compliant measurement solution for the post-IDFA storm as it does NOT need IDFAs or GAIDs.  Just like the star after which it is named, Polaris will serve as the true north for marketers when the lights go out soon with iOS14.5. Polaris will allow gaming studios to utilize incrementality to deliver daily measurement, all at the same granularity that you have always relied upon to make informed marketing decisions.  To learn more, submit a demo request or visit our Polaris product page.  Not only does Polaris help resolve your post-IDFA challenges, it is designed to help you achieve true marketing effectiveness. Contact us today to hear:

  • How Polaris is a ready-to-use, turnkey, drop-in replacement for last touch
  • How Polaris involves zero change to your marketing or UA processes
  • How you can take advantage of special Polaris subscription deals to get you started quickly even before IDFA deprecates

Reliable measurement is the cornerstone of decision making and our team has worked tirelessly to deliver a solution that will future-proof your UA (without needing IDFA or GAID), and provide true incremental measurement that allows you to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your budget. In case you missed it earlier, here’s a link to our What Is Incrementality? deck.

We have also put together amazing subscription deals that allow you to commence with incremental measurement even before IDFA finally deprecates. Rather than wait for next week, Polaris will allow you to seamlessly transition from the outdated systems of today into the new world of measurement truth and accuracy from Day One of the post-IDFA storm.

Submit a demo request today to hear about the powerful features of Polaris including that it can still provide you the following favorite KPIs, DAILY, in incremental form at the source by country level:

  1. Revenue
  2. Installs
  3. ROAS
  4. LTV
  5. Retention
  6. Any other KPI we have data for that matters to your team.

The world is quickly approaching a watershed moment. You have only six days to prepare.  Do you have the right measurement apparatus for the post-IDFA storm? 

Got questions for MetricWorks? We have answers.

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